Statistical Business Analysis
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Are you spending marketing and advertising dollars to build your business?

86% of these strategies are NOT working!!

Are you spending marketing and advertising dollars to hold on to your current market position?

You don't need to spend all of this money to "hold on"!!

If you would like to improve profitability, build your business with sustainable breakthroughs, and focus your advertising and marketing dollars on things that work, we can help. We are not selling any marketing already know how to do this in your industry. We simply improve your knowledge using your existing business results to find those strategies which are working, those that can be streamlined and those that are not working. We have found in our work around the world that 86% of business building strategies are NOT working in spite of the fact that well intentioned people are telling you that they are. We can help or teach you how to use existing data to make better business choices.

Sustain the GainSM (STG) presents new and unique ways to analyze the business measures while avoiding the index versus year ago syndrome. By using control charts traditionally applied in manufacturing, great insight into the performance of the entire enterprise can be achieved. This leads to a clear distinction between those business strategies that really changed the game, and those that simply sustained the historical performance. It begins with understanding the business ups and downs, also known as variation. It provides techniques that highlight, and differentiate, the sources of performance variation. This, in turn, allows for the determination of successful and unsuccessful business strategies. Using what is learned from this assessment of performance history, a more realistic forecast of future results can be created from the enterprises business plans. See Client Services for more on what we can do for you.

Our Mission is to provide objective statistical analysis of business and financial results for our clients.

Basic statistics is used in many fields to assess the volatility or variation of a series of results to better understand their meaning. These steadfast approaches are now being applied to business and financial results to answer the question: has anything really changed. The concept is to use historical performance to establish a norm for both volatility (upper and lower limits, blue and yellow respectively) and growth (green growth line). This history is displayed in a simple graph to determine if the most recent results indicate a statistically relevant change.

Below is one of the more than 100 Companies from the Revenue / EPS examples in the link above.

For GE Revenue, the changes in slopes of the graph indicates a systemic change 6/95, 3/01 and 3/09 in the Revenue growth (Compound Annual Growth Rate) which also became negative in 3/09. For EPS, there have been two changes or breakthroughs in the past 19 years! The growth dropped from 18% to 6.0% on 3/01 and became more volatile (wider limits). Also in the 12/08 quarter EPS values dropped and the growth slowed, consistent with the 08 recession. The secret is to look for 7 or more quarters above or below the green trend line to identify statistically relevant changes or breakthoughs.

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